Francesco Gallo was born in Naples on 2 April 1983. He grew up in a modest family, from an early age accompanied his uncles in their business, and was often in restaurants and hotels in Naples. In each structure felt the call to the kitchen, where he faced to browse what the chefs prepared. This raises his passion for cooking and a desire to satisfy the palates of people.
He began his work experience at age 14 in the restaurant Del Pino Cercola as an apprentice chef. A year later, the chance to meet Louis d'Urso and one of the best chefs in Campania, which gives way to start to learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and with whom he spent four wonderful years traveling around Italy between events and competitions.
A 18-year-old head of the restaurant game Deck Flower Marechiaro (NA). The following year, at age 19, he joined the kitchen staff of the luxurious Hotel Covo dei Saraceni Positano (SA) where he spent five wonderful years and increasing their experience.
At age 23 he moved to New York and is the second chef Roberto Passon in the restaurant where he spent one year. He decided to return to their homeland and becomes chef in the restaurant La Barrique of Naples.
At 25, he decided to increase their experience going to work in Fiji for the opening of the first Italian restaurant in Amalfi Port Denarau as a chef. During this adventure knows his half Charmaine also head off on one of the most famous restaurants of the Fiji Islands.
Two years later, at age 27, decided to return to Italy but this time landed in Sicily, Marsala in a restaurant a few steps from the sea, where he works as a chef. A 29 year-old chef and restaurant manager a few steps from the sea with his wife Charmaine.