Our history

The restaurant "A due passi dal mare" is located near tower Sibiliana that 40 years ago was the only existing building in the desert and uncultivated land.
Over the years, came to settle near the tower some families who need to created a narrow harbor for fishing boats, thus forming a small fishing village still exists. The restaurant overlooks the sea of Alfa Romeo, along the coast from Marsala to Petrosino.
In this enchanted and forgotten by the time the owner as well as Chef "Francesco Gallo" with his wife Charmaine began their adventure in Sicily. He Campania with a passion for cooking started early when as a kid walked around for restaurants and hotels in Naples, with his uncles traders, intrufolandosi in the kitchen to see what the chefs preparing the place. She, however, coming from Fiji, and lover of sweets.
From this union was born the restaurant "A due passi dal mare" where you can taste typical dishes of the seafaring tradition.