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A Due Passi dal Mare
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Sea View
Sibiliana Port

One step away from Marsala - 15 minutes by car - away from the hustle and bustle of the city - you will have the opportunity to admire and dine surrounded by a breathtaking view.

The restaurant "A Due Passi dal Mare" is located near the Sibiliana tower that 40 years ago was the only existing building in that uncultivated and desert territory.
With the passing of the years some families came to settle near the tower, which for necessity created a small port for fishing boats, thus forming a small maritime village still existing today. The restaurant overlooks the Biscione sea, along the coast from Marsala to Petrosino.
In this enchanted place forgotten by time, the owner as well as Chef "Francesco Gallo" together with his wife Charmaine began their adventure in Sicily. He lives with a passion for cooking, born as a child when he often went around restaurants and hotels in Naples, with his uncles, sneaking into the kitchens to see what the local chefs were preparing. She, on the other hand, comes from the Fiji Islands and loves art of confectionery.
From this union the restaurant "A due Passi dal Mare" is born, where you can taste typical dishes revisited in the maritime tradition.